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Юлия Твердохлебова

A kicker and a stamper

I would like to tell about how I found the channels (as Deborah called it so right during the last session) for expressing emotions for my two daughters.

Not long ago football classes started at my elder daughter's school - twice a week. And almost at once she (9 yo) began asking me to find some place where she could go and play football more - meaning a sport team. She decided to do it professionally. We found such a team in our town and so we came to see what it was. The coach asked us to sit and look first, so we did.

I looked at my girl and saw great disappointment on her face. The boys on the field were doing different exercises, but not playing football at all... That was the reason of her disappointment. My husband said that she wanted to be a player without training, but it does not happen this way. I paused and decided to just watch her...

So she refused to attend these classes. In several days she told me: "Mommy, football for me is everything! I feel so good after it." And suddenly it occured to me, that all she needed was to kick the ball because this allowed her to release tension and frustration! She asked for football, but she did not need trainings! She just needed more space and opportunities to release her feelings through kicking!

I had explained this to my husband and since that time they have regular "trainings" in the evenings when he comes back home. And when we go for a walk we almost always take the ball with us so she could just kick it at the wall. After that her face is changing.

After this I started watching my younger daughter more attentively and noticed that she also showed to me her own way of expressing her feelings through the body. Her way was stamping. It was so clear! Every time she smth did not work for her she stamped! So I wondered how I did not notice this earlier. :)))

Now I can provide the opportunities and help them get rid of inner tension, as they themselves showed it to me. So now I have a kicker and a stamper.)) Wonderful! :) I am happy now I understand them better!
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